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中文書名 迷園
作者 李昂
出版者 國書刊行會
譯者 櫻庭 子 譯
出版年份 1999
外譯語文 日文
出版狀態 已出版
頁數 366
ISBN 4-336-04131-8
  • 摘要


Misty Courtyard (Miyuan) is Li Ang’s first novel, divided into three parts, with two chapters on each individual part and two sections on each chapter. Misty Courtyard (Miyuan) deals with the issue of love between men and women in modern Taiwan society. The heroine in the story was born in a big family in Lukang, and the story takes place in an old garden named “Hanyuan” that lasts for more than two hundred years. After going through the period of Japanese colonial rule, the rule of KMT government after the war, the 228 Incidents, and then finally the new era of industrial and commercial society, the heroine makes a conclusion by saving “Hanyuan” with passion and obsession. Many memorable and implied meanings can be found in the novel; for example, the author combined the characters with historical incidents in Taiwan, and made two different story lines—self positioning of women and the reconstruction of Taiwan history interweaved. After reading this love story, the readers can deeply understand the history and cultural background in Taiwan.