Heimkehr in die Fremde

Heimkehr in die Fremde
Original work
Author Chen Jo-hsi
Translator Chen Chai-hsin, Diethelm Hofstra
Publisher Horlemann
Publication year 1991
   Page 415
Language German
ISBN/ISSN 3-927905-32-1
  • Abstract

In the middle of 60s, the People’s Republic of China appealed the overseas Chinese people to return the homeland that was participated in the socialistic reconstruction. The movement gained a tremendous response. Then Xin Mei, the scholar in America, and her husband Tao Xin-Sheng also went to Beijing with their fanaticism and sweeping across the wave of patriotism. However, the power struggle ofthe leaders of the Communist Party detonated an enormous campaign named “The Great Cultural Revolution of the proletariat.” For the intellectuals and the overseas Chinese people, they had passed an arduous time which was filled with those restrictions including the restructured campaigns of the narrow-minded customs, ridiculous accusations, forced self-judgments, the freedom of the thought. The fiction is presented with a strong and documentary autobiography by the angle of view of the person concerned the different points of view which could peep at the political and social daily life in those days but it is still few hideous now. The author (Chen Jo-hsi) was born in Taiwan, in 1938. After she studied abroad in America. Because of responsing to the call of the People’s Republic of China, she lived in China (1966-1973). Therefore, she is one of the famous writer to deal with the issue of the Great Cultural Revolution by literture being a harbinger.

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