Chanson au Bord de L’eau

Chanson au Bord de L’eau
Original work 沙河悲歌
Author Chi Ten-Shung
Translator Catherine Blavet
Publisher Éditions Philippe Picquier
Publication year 1993
   Page 139
Language French
ISBN/ISSN 2-87730-128-1
  • Abstract

Liu, Wu-hsiung, born in 1939 and known by his pen name Chi Teng Sheng, is one of the representative writers of the 1960s when modern literature was prevalent in Taiwan. He is skilled at writing prose fictions, in which men in the street are often used as a symbol to remonstrate against the pressure in Taiwanese society. Chi Teng Sheng has been considered as heterodox from other Taiwanese writers, who lives beside the beach of Miaoli County and seldom attends art and literature activities held in Taipei. Moreover, his unique style of writing makes him a controversial or even a rebellious writer. His book Lament of the Sand River was adapted for movie. This book is generally considered as a novel of discussing personal value of existence and the nature of life. In Lament of the Sand River, the writer gives his voice to express how a human being can realize the value and meaning of life with various external limits.

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