Le Gong

Le Gong
Original work
Author Hwang Chun-Ming
Translator Emmanuelle Péchenart, Anne Wu
Publisher Actes Sud
Publication year 2001
   Page 126
Language French
ISBN/ISSN 2-7427-3550-X
  • Abstract
  • Content

In The Cymbal, a job involving cymbals that Chin the Dullard relies on for his livelihood is abandoned due to the latest appearance of megaphones on tricycles. Barely able to make ends meet, Chin has to scrap a living by following the likes of Luohanjiao (a term for unmarried unemployed men) in funeral processions (as part of funeral service in the old days). With detailed observation, the book offers a fabulous storytelling with both charm and precision. The voice behind the writing is at times humorous and satirical towards social vices. Written at the height of his most prolific period, the content in The Cymbal, as in most of his work, paints a picture of Taiwan’s society with humble, foolish, sorrowful and pitiful characters in their struggle for survival, given the magnitude of suffering and self expectations inflicted upon them along the way.

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