An Oxford Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Drama

An Oxford Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Drama
Original work 牛津當代中文戲劇選集
Author Anthonu Chan et al.
Translator Shun Cheng et al.
Editor Martha P. Y. Cheung and Jane C. C. Lai
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication year 1997
   Page 873
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 0-19-586880-3
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This anthology selects 15 contemporary dramas from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. The selected works cross the decades of the 1980s and 1990s and the wide range includes experimental, avant-garde, socialist realist, and other genres. Many of the plays unite material from traditions of Chinese drama and forms from Western style. In addition to the drama script, the editor also introduces the background of the playwrights, plays, and performances, so as to guide readers to understand more about their historical and artistic contexts. While introducing Chinese drama to Western readers, it also records the development of Chinese drama under distinct social and cultural contexts.

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