Anthologie De La Famille Chu

Anthologie De La Famille Chu
Original work 朱家小說選
Author Chu His-ning, Chu T’ien-wen, Chu T’ien-hsin
Translator Angel Pino, Isabelle Rabut
Publisher Christian Bourgois Éditeur
Publication year 2004
   Page 332
Language French
ISBN/ISSN 2-267-01716-4
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Amongst numerous contemporary literary families in modern China, the Chus stand out on their own. The father, Hsi-ning, and his two daughters, Tien-hsin and Tien-wen, are all well-acclaimed writers in contemporary Taiwan. The father, with his sharp observation and unique, vivid and acute writing, primarily focuses on portraying the northern China, which aptly turned him into the most suitable successor to the great master Shen Congwen. Tien-hsin and Tien-wen who chose to settle in Taipei uncovered, against the norm of a post-modern shallow consumerist society, the inner deepest memories of her private and the collective consciousnesses, together with the absence of the latter. In their works an archetypical apparition of Taipei emerges. From country to city, from reminiscence for China to settlement in Taipei, the literary creation by the Family Chu truthfully spins out stories from two generations with two different sensibilities.

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