Quelqu’un m’interroge à propos de la vérité et de la justice

Quelqu’un m’interroge à propos de la vérité et de la justice
Original work 有人問我公理和正義的問題
Author Yang Mu
Translator Angel Pino & Isabelle Rabut
Publisher Éditions You Feng
Publication year 2004
   Page 124
Language French
ISBN/ISSN 2-84279-207-6
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Wang Ching-hsien, born in 1940 at Hualien, Taiwan, is a very well-known Taiwanese poet and prose writer, who chose Yang Mu as his pseudonym in 1972, and changed his literary style afterwards. In addition to adding calmness and implicitnessto his usual romantic and sentimental style, he also began to write pieces that concern about reality. Yang Mu is very productive, who writes not only poems, but translation, prose, critics, and scripts. Yang was the Director of Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy of Academia Sinica, and the emeritus professor of University of Washington, USA. This anthology is Yang’s first book published in French. Besides the selection of the Poetry of Yang Mu Volume I, the Poetry of Yang My Volume II, A Complete Fable, Propositions in Temporality, and Ventures are included, two pieces of works that had been published by United Daily News are also included.

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