Backed Against the Sea

Backed Against the Sea
Original work 背海的人
Author Wang Wen-Hsing
Translator Edward Gunn
Publisher Cornell University East Asia Program
Publication year 1993
   Page 259
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 0-939657-67-8
  • Abstract

Wang Wen-hsin, a Fujian native, was born in 1939. He graduated from the Affiliated Senior High School of National Taipei Normal University and earned a B.A. in Foreign Literature at the National Taiwan University. He also received an MFA degree in creative writing at University of Iowa, Iowa City and is now a professor at the Foreign Literature Department at National Taiwan University, teaching fiction. A faithful advocate of intensive reading, Wang has published many books including Family Catastrophe, 15 Stories. Wang Wen-hsin is an important figure in Taiwan's literary history. With his exceptionally skillful manipulation of words as seen in Family Catastrophe and Backed against the Sea, Wang has established a new paragon in Taiwan literature. Backed Against the Sea is Wang’s second novel, which took him twenty-five years to complete. Applying ultimate deliberation over each choice of words, as well as forms of modern fables, he reflects on fundamental problems in humanity and in the society through one man’s ups and downs, dilemmas and breakthroughs. In the book, the literary style and content are closely intertwined, adopting an even more avant-garde language skill than that in Family Catastrophe. It is the epitome of his art.

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