Family Catastrophe: A Modernist Novel

Family Catastrophe: A Modernist Novel
Original work 家變
Author Wang Wen-Hsing
Translator Susan Wan Dolling
Publisher University of Hawaii Press
Publication year 1995
   Page 259
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 0-8248-1710-9
  • Abstract

Wang Wen-Hsing (1939~) was born in Fu-jian Province and immigrated in Taiwan in 1946. He was fascinated by literature and began to write when he was in high school. Later, he was accepted to National Taiwan University (NTU) and graduated with a bachelor degree in foreign literatures. He was one of the founders for the magazine Modern Literature. Later, he went abroad and earned a master degree in arts at University of Iowa. After he returned, he has been teaching American and French literatures in the department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at the NTU. He advocated New Criticism while writing creatively. He was honored with a French Art and Literature in 2011. His well known publications include Family Catastrophe (1995), Fifteen Short Stories, and Backed Against the Sea (1993). Family Catastrophe is famous by the modern themes of the ambivalent relationship between father and son due to the generation gap. The author’s unique literary techniques at the time, such as stream of consciousness, fragmentary memories, etc., also set the novel from others. The narrative was selected as one of the thirty canonic novels on the island in 1999. The English translator, Dr. Susan Wan Dolling was born in Hong Kong and graduated from the department of Comparative Literature at Princeton University with a Ph.D. She currently lives and works in Austin, Texas U.S.A.

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