The Alien Realm

The Alien Realm
Original work 異域
Author Bo Yang
Translator Janice Yu
Publisher Janus Publishing Company
Publication year 1996
   Page 166
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 1-85756-277-1
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Starvation, disease, torture and loss…The Alien Realm leads you into the virgin forests of the Sino-Burmese borderland, to experience the extraordinary human struggles during the guerilla warfare in the wake of the Chinese civil war in 1949. This harrowing story has been a best-seller for over 40 years (although for a time it was banned in Taiwan for its political content) and was adapted into two award-nominated films. Bo Yang is a prolific writer based in Taiwan. Known as the ‘Chinese Voltaire’, he was once imprisoned for his political beliefs. Hs is now a member of Amnesty International in Taiwan and also active in the local civil rights movement.

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