A Passage to the City: Selected Poems of Jiao Tong(1980-1996)

A Passage to the City: Selected Poems of Jiao Tong(1980-1996)
Original work 城市過渡:焦桐詩選(1980-1996)
Author Jiao Tong
Translator Shuwei Ho, Raphael John Schulte
Editor Shuwei Ho
Publisher Bookman Books, LTD.
Publication year 1996
   Page 153
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 957-586-748-3
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Jiao Tong’s poems are personal reflections on the political, social, and cultural spheres of Taiwan. They offer a clear picture of post-modern Taipei during the past twenty years. Upon closer examination, they reveal the richness and diversity in Taiwan’s history that has in turn nurtured what is now a broad multinational, multicultural urban life in Taiwan. This book was collectively composed by three writers (Jiao Tong, Shuwei Ho, and Raphael J. Schulte) and written in three languages: English, Chinese, and Taiwanese. Shuwei Ho began the process by translating Jiao Tong’s poems into English. Raphael Schulte, a poet, then tried to fine-tune the translation with modifications of English poetic musicality, while intensifying the images and metaphors embedded in Jiao Tong’s work, bringing the Chinese original and its English translation on par with each other.

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