My Village

My Village
Original work 吾鄉
Author Wu Sheng
Translator John Balcom
Publisher Taoran Press
Publication year 1996
   Page 46
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 0-9637297-5-6
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The hymnbook of Wu Sheng, the series of literatures not only portrayed the agricultural life in Taiwan’s rural area, but also the aspirations and hardship of the Taiwanese farmers. Moreover, Wu Sheng’s literary work displayed his passion to this island, and his rustic words characterized the language particularly. According to the laboring life, the agricultural problems, the rural figures, and the rural spirit represent the emotions of the Taiwan’s land, the change of our society, and contribution to literature. On the one hand, Wu Sheng witnessed the change of the era in our society. Furthermore, he recorded and reflected the reality of our society and relevant issues happened in Taiwan. Wu Sheng is not only a local literature author, but also a social author. His poetry records life faithfully, reflects social problems, hopes to arouse people to pay close attention to Taiwanese’s understanding and care to this island — Taiwan. Among Wu Sheng’s literature, we can find his passion, enthusiasm, care and how he makes ideas in his work for Taiwan which is also the main purpose of this research.

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