Decayed Lust

Decayed Lust
Original work 艷歌行
Author Chung Wenyin
Translator C. J. Anderson-Wu
Publisher Serenity International
Publication year 2012
   Page 455
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 978-9868234031
  • Abstract

Decayed Lust is the first episode of Chung Wenyin’s Island Trilogy, which she spent seven years in completing. Each novel of the Trilogy is voluminous, representing ambitious writing of personal life, family as well as the history of Taiwan since World War II. Decayed Lust is autobiographical fiction, yet we see many anecdotes not unlike those that happened to us or people around us. Decayed Lust pieces together the recent developments of Taiwan, and is a novel that is actually a chronicle of the past fifty years of Taiwan's history. Chung placed different characters in Taipei to represent different images of this city, a city over brimming with lust, greed, confusion and frustration. The heroine's encounters with many people in Taipei, many of whom came from other places on the island in order to fulfill their dreams just like her, bring out such a puzzled picture of this city as its unusual past, indescribable culture, and unique characteristics that took shape by means of all kinds of social oddities. A life of triteness and hopelessness seems to permeate the book. Is there a way out of this situation? The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot is one of the author's favorite works, and the author has tried to escape from the huge wasteland in her mind through writing, but realized there is no way out, with the only path to survival being growing something to take the place of this unbearable barrenness. The seemingly fragmented and incongruous writing style has been Chung’s long time development. It reflects the shattering world both of her mind and of contemporary Taiwan. Decayed Lust is followed by Decayed Life and Decayed Land.

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