Čarovná zahrada

Čarovná zahrada
Original work 迷園
Author Li Ang
Translator Jana Benešová, Petr Šimon
Publisher IFP Publishing
Publication year 2013
   Page 295
Language Czech
ISBN/ISSN 978-80-87383-21-6
  • Abstract

Li Ang (1952- ), pen name of Shih Shu-tuan, was born in Lukang, Taiwan. After graduating from Chinese Culture University with a degree in Philosophy, she studied Drama at the University of Oregon, and started her writing career after coming back to Taiwan. Gender relations are described the most in her works, in which Feminist themes and sexuality issues are presented as well. This book, The Lost Garden, is her first novel. The story took place in a 200-year-old Chinese garden called “Hanyuan”. The leading female character would like to accomplish the aspiration that her father had never done; then she felt in love and was infatuated with the leading male character, but eventually her self-consciousness was raised. “Sex” is the common subject in most of Li’s writings, and it often appears for many times in The Lost Garden as a reflection on the social desires in the present day, as well as the bisexual characteristics and interactions in the reality. The translator, Jana Benešová, from the Czech Republic, obtained her Ph.D. in the Department of Chinese Literature from National Chengchi University in Taiwan. Through the translation of Li Ang’s beautiful works, The Butcher's Wife and The Lost Garden, she and her husband Petr Šimon systematically introduced Taiwan Literature to their homeland in the hope to improve the local readers’ knowledge and understanding of the uniqueness of Taiwan literature, history and culture.

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