Setting out: The Education of Li-Li

Setting out: The Education of Li-Li
Original work 初旅
Author Tung Nien
Translator Mike O’connor
Publisher Pleasure Boat Studio
Publication year 1998
   Page 140
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 0-9651413-3-0
  • Abstract

Tung Nien (1950~) was born in Keelung Taiwan and originally named Chen Shun-hsien. He registered in the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa in 1978. His representative works include his long novel, The Missing Freighter Pacific No.3, his short-story collections, The Small Town in the Rain, Big Fire, Last Winter, Model Citizen, Setting Out, Good-bye Formosa, The Feast of Love, and his prose collection Writing to Formosa. He won United Daily News Short Story Award in 1979 and China Times Literature Prize Choice Award in 1981. His early literary works were influenced by modern nihilism. Setting Out (1993) is likely based on his growing up experience. From a third-grade boy’s viewpoint, the author portrays the subtle transformation of the boy’s psyche after his various first-time experiences, such as going to school, swimming in the ocean, having a crush on his cousin, hunting with his father and uncles, especially taking a train to visit his grandma by himself. The author vividly depicts not only the harbor streets, family love, and daily life during the 1950s, but also the little boy’s growing up experience in this Bildungsroman.

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