Taiwanese Pen Annual Selections Tâi-bûn Pit-hōe Nî-khan No.2

Taiwanese Pen Annual Selections  Tâi-bûn Pit-hōe Nî-khan No.2
Original work 台文筆會2014年刊
Author Liāu Sūi-bêng et al.
Translator Chhòa Hiok-chi, Lîm Jū-khái, Tân Éng-him
Editor 林裕凱
Publisher Taiwanese Pen
Publication year 2014
   Page 208
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 978-986-90003-1-4
Source Taiwanese Pen
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  • Content

     The Taiwanese Pen is a literary association founded in 2009 to encourage writing in native Taiwanese languages which including indigenous languages, Hakka (Hakfa) and Taiwanese (Tâi-gí), and to promote Taiwanese literature and culture. This association consists of Taiwanese writers from all walks of life and publishes the works of its members in the journal form annually. The second issue of the Taiwanese Pen published in 2014 contains poems, essays, and short stories. As always, these works deal with social and cultural issues in Taiwan and can serve as materials for basic Taiwanese-language education. Due to the KMT rule and its oppressive language policy, mandarin Chinese has become the hegemonic language in every aspect of daily life in Taiwan. As a result, the other languages, including Taiwanese spoken by the majority of the population, are confronted with the danger of extinction in the near future. The Taiwanese Pen as a literary association provides a platform where committed writers can not only make friends and exchange ideas but call for a long-term language reform and education reform to preserve the diversity of languages in Taiwan.

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