Widow’s Peak: Legends of Meizikeng

Widow’s Peak: Legends of Meizikeng
Original work 美人尖:梅子坑傳奇
Author Chiung-ling Wang
Translator Chung-ling Shih, Hui-yun Yang
Publisher Lynx Publishing Company
Publication year 2015
   Page 237
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 978-1-941214-17-6
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Chiung-ling Wang, Professor of Chinese Literature at National Chung Cheng University, is an established scholar in classical Chinese fiction. She started her writing career in 2009 and published the first collection of short stories entitled Widow’s Peak: Legends of Meizikeng. This collection contains four stories. “Han-hsiao” is a story of an adoptive daughter who is struggling between the arranged marriage and her desire to marry the man she loves. The titular story “Widow’s Peak” deals with the folk belief that a woman with a widow’s peak is a curse to her family. “Liang-shan” explores the psyche of a handicapped teenage boy who rapes a young newlywedded neighbor due to his sexual obsession. “Zhangs” depicts the bitterness and struggles of a group of Chinese soldiers and refugees. Although the plots are relatively simple and straightforward, Chiung’s quasi-ethnographic descriptions of folklore and deftly arranged scenes have made the stories compelling and appealing. Despite that these stories portray physical violence and cruelty as well as trauma and guilt, the author maintains a faith in love, humanity, and the possibility of reconciliation.

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