Original work
Author Chi Ta-wei
Translator Gwennaël Gaffric
Publisher L'Asiathèque
Publication year 2015
   Page 213
Language French
ISBN/ISSN 978-2-36057-067-6
  • Abstract

The current book is a combination of science fiction, gender issue discussion and queer identity illustration. It is the first time that this famous Taiwanese queer novelist, Chi Ta-wei, has written a lesbian scientific story. In the story Membrane, ozonosphere is irreversibly damaged that mankind cannot stay on the surface of the earth anymore. Consequently, humans are forced to live in the ocean, utilizing water membrane as a protection from the ultraviolet light. The leading character of this book is biochemically engineered, whose gender and identity are determined by its creator. Therefore, in addition to gender issue, the story also challenges the boundary between biochemical technology and code of ethics.

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