Erotic Recipes: A Complete Menu for Male Potency Enhancement

Erotic Recipes: A Complete Menu for Male Potency Enhancement
Original work 完全壯陽食譜
Author Jiao Tong
Translator Shao-Yi Sun
Publisher Green Integer Books
Publication year 2000
   Page 98
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 1-892295-84-9
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Jiao Tong (1956~) was born in Kaohsiung Taiwan and originally named Yeh Chen-fu. To challenge the autocratic public education, he refused to take the required college entrance exam. Surprisingly he was accepted and registered in the department of Drama at Chinese Culture University. After his graduation, he further studied at Fu Ren University and graduated with a Ph.D. in comparative literature. He used to work as the editor of Wen-hsun Magazine, the Deputy Executive Director of China Times Supplement and the founder of the magazine Diet. Now as an associate professor, he teaches in the department of Chinese at the National Central University. He has published six anthologies of poetry, nine volumes of prose, one book for children, and two collections of essays. He is well known as a poet, a writer, and a scholar. His poem, “A-shun’s Pregnant Wife,” won the Third Literature First Prize of Narrative Poem sponsored by China Times. He also won the First Prize of Documentary Literature Award sponsored by United Daily News. Erotic Recipes is a creative poetic presentation in a format of recipes. The poet integrates ancient Chinese Daoist philosophy of healthy life into modern concepts of diet, a mixture of traditional and postmodern aesthetics. Yet, it also implicitly satirizes masculine cultural mentalities in the patriarchal society, as another interdisciplinary presentation of Taiwan Literature in multiculturalism since the 1990s.

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