Die Tränen des Porzellans

Die Tränen des Porzellans
Original work CHINA
Author Jade Y. Chen
Translator Ilka Schneider
Publisher Dryas Verlag
Publication year 2014
   Page 384
Language German
ISBN/ISSN 978-3-940855-56-5
  • Abstract

The author uses stream of consciousness literary skills to write about a story when western culture meets eastern culture,different values seem to be able to talk with each other with a view to finding extreme beauty. The book titled CHINA refers to Chang Nan, former name of Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, the best porcelain-making capital.The word “CHINA” represents china or porcelain as well as China the country. According to the book, fine china is made of not only fire and clay, but also emotion with blood and tears. Therefore, china is a fragile object, so as motion.The story takes place in the 18th century when a mineralogist fails to win over his beloved, a married woman, in a gunfight duel, with deep sadness and loneliness he comes to the faraway China. In this vast and endless land, he swears to devote himself to the making of porcelain and to the pursuit of true romantic love. Born in 1968, Taichung, Taiwan, Jade Y. Chen is a Taiwanese novelist, journalist, theater director, playwright, and actress, living in Europe. She graduated at École des Hautes Étudesen Sciences Sociales, studying literature, history and drama in France.

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