Muž s fasetovýma očima

Muž s fasetovýma očima
Original work 複眼人
Author Wu Ming-Yi
Translator Pavlína Krámská
Publisher Mi:Lù Publishing
Publication year 2016
   Page 359
Language Czech
ISBN/ISSN 978-80-905880-2-8
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Its Chinese version originally published in 2011, The Man with the Compound Eyes has sold its copyright to at least ten countries, which makes its author Wu Ming-Yi become one of the most famous Taiwanese authors. When it comes to the reason why Wu wrote this story, he said he was inspired by a report about Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The garbage in the sea has huge impact on people’s lives. As the novel involves marine garbage issues, one of its themes is environmental protection. Nevertheless, other themes are just as important. According to Wu, The Man with the Compound Eyes is a story about the choice to live. For example, the protagonist Atelei is a boy doomed to die, but he is struggling to survive. And Ares is a woman who has lost all hope in life, but she eventually decides to live for the sake of others. The characters are just being pushed around by destiny.

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