Der Kirschbaum meines Feindes

Der Kirschbaum meines Feindes
Original work 敵人的櫻花
Translator Johannes Fiederling
Publisher Arche Literatur Verlag AG
Publication year 2018
   Page 283
Language German
ISBN/ISSN 978-3-7160-2770-7
  • Abstract

As both a writer and an entrepreneur, Wang Ting-kuo (1955-) started to publish literary works in his youth. After winning several literary awards, he briefly left the literary world for some years and dedicated himself into the business world of architecture. His first novel, My Enemy’s Cherry Tree, was then published in 2015.   This work is a protagonist’s soliloquy, telling a story in the first person of a man waiting for his wife’s return. With non-linear narrative and dialogue, the protagonist reflects the sadness and happiness of his life, fortune, emotions, love and hatred standing against “the enemy”. With a symbolic cherry tree representing both his wife and goodness being destroyed intentionally and then eliminated, he got lost in an indescribable situation.   This novel has been translated into German, English, and Italian. The translator of the German edition, Johannes Fiederling, graduated from the SDI München (Languages & Interpreters Institute Munich), and once served as a translator and interpreter in the German Federal Foreign Office, Language Services Division. He has translated and introduced Taiwan literature for many years and currently lives in Taipei.

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