Gánh vác ngọt ngào: SONG TÂO THƠ-TẢN VĂN

Gánh vác ngọt ngào: SONG TÂO THƠ-TẢN VĂN
Original work 甜蜜的負荷:詩文雙重奏
Translator Nguyễ Thu Hiề, Nguyễ Thanh Diên
Publication year 2018
   Page 196
Language Vietnamese
ISBN/ISSN 978-604-969-792-0
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Wu Sheng, the pen name of Wu Sheng-hsiung (1944-), was a biology teacher at a junior high school. He works mainly on poems and essays while continuing to pay attention to issues like land, environment and society during his teaching, farming, studying and writing.   The Vietnamese edition of Sweet Burden: A Poem and Essay Duet (no English edition) selects Wu Sheng’s 15 poems as the axis of the work and another 20 parallel essays, displaying his love and responsibility towards the land and people of Taiwan. In such a form of a duet of poems and essays, this collection of Wu’s works from the 1970s to 2010 is able to convey to readers of different generations the backgrounds of these pieces of works and Wu’s consistent viewpoints.   It is translated by Nguyễn Thu Hiền and Nguyễn Thanh Diên, professors from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities at Vietnam National University in Hanoi. Besides the Vietnamese edition, a parallel edition in Vietnamese and Mandarin has also been published by the National Museum of Taiwan Literature.

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