Original work 大江大海 一九四九
Author Lung Yingtai
Translator Piotr Dubicki
Publisher Wydawnictwo Akademickie Dialog
Publication year 2017
   Page 431
Language Polish
ISBN/ISSN 978-83-8002-579-0
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Lung Ying-tai (1952-), a writer and a critic, writes mainly essays and cultural critiques. She was once the Director General at the Department of Cultural Affairs under the Taipei City Government and the Minister of Culture.   Big River, Big Sea: Untold Stories of 1949 is an essay collection of war memories in Taiwan, China, German, Russia, and the South Pacific. The narration begins with Lung Ying-tai’s parents’ retreat from China during the civil war between the Nationalist Government and the Communist Party in 1949. For the sake of reconstructing the historical scene and recalling this crucial age, Lung Ying-tai visited her parents’ homeland and the historic battlefields while investigating and interviewing survivors of the civil war. This work spans the World War II period, the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Nationalist Government’s retreat to Taiwan after the civil war, and the autocracy period afterwards. By recording the turning twists of survivors’ lives under the historic tide, this book provides readers with visions and different viewpoints to understand the history between Taiwan and China. This work has been published in English and Japanese.

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