KRIEGSRECHT: Neue Literatur aus Taiwan

KRIEGSRECHT: Neue Literatur aus Taiwan
Original work 戒嚴:臺灣文學選集
Author Yang Kuei,Huang Chun-Ming,Shu Ch’ang et al.
Translator Thilo Diefenbach, Wolf Baus, Peter Hoffmann et al.
Editor 蔣永學
Publisher IUDICIUM Verlag
Publication year 2017
   Page 452
Language German
ISBN/ISSN 978-3-86205-491-6
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MARTIAL LAW: Anthology of Taiwan Literature (no English edition) is compiled by Thilo Diefenbach (1975-), the associate editor of Hefte für Ostasiatische Literatur holding a doctorate in Chinese Studies at the University of Cologne in Germany. This anthology contains 30 selected works from 1949 to 2016, and authors include: Yang Kuei, Huang Chun-ming, Shu Ch’ang, Hsiao Sa, Lee Chiao, Wu Ching-fa, Ku Ling, Li Tung, Huang Fan, Tung Nien, Wang Hsiang-chi, Liu Ka-shiang, Lee Chi-yuarn, Chang Show Foong, Syaman Rapongan, Yin Dih, Tsai Su-fen,Yeh Ying-tzu, Kan Yao-ming, Liu Tzu-chieh, Peng Ko, Ko Yu-fen, Cheng Ying-shu, Lamuru Pakawyan, and Hu Ching-fang. The subject matters are mainly based on the process of democratic development in Taiwan and of the authors’ growth during the martial law period. This is a German anthology with a systematic and complete introduction of Taiwan literature in recent years. Other translators of this anthology include Wolf Baus, Hans Peter Hoffmann, and Katharina Markgraf.

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