Magnolia: stories of Taiwanese women

Magnolia: stories of Taiwanese women
Original work 玉蘭花
Author Tzeng Ching-wen
Translator Jenn-Shann Lin, Lois Stanford
Editor Kuo-ch'ing Tu, Robert Backus
Publisher Taiwan Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara
Publication year 2005
   Page 275
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 0-9765936-0-2
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Magnolia: Stories of Taiwanese Women by Tzeng Ching-wen is the first in a set of major works to be published under the title of Taiwan Writers Translation Series by the Center for Taiwan Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara. With the support of UCSB and Council of Cultural Affairs (CCA) in Taiwan, the Center also publishes Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series, a journal that has appeared biannually since 1996. These two sets of representative works in English translation are intended to promote appreciation and study on Taiwan literature from international perspectives.Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series elaborates on a theme in each issue covering all breadth and depth so as to introduce English readers to a range of Taiwanese writers' and scholars' viewpoints on Taiwan literature. Taiwan Writers Translation Series focuses on the writer, with the objective of demonstrating a vertical depth of development, together with the historical positions of writers and the lineages of literary traditions.

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