An Anthology of Short Stories by Yeh Shih-t'ao

An Anthology of Short Stories by Yeh Shih-t'ao
Original work 葉石濤短篇小說英譯選集
Author Yeh Shih-t'ao
Translator Terrence Russell, John Balcom, Pei-yin Lin et al.
Editor Kuo-ch'ing Tu, Terence Russell
Publisher US-Taiwan Literature Foundation
Publication year 2016
   Page 216
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 978-1944182007
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     Yeh Shih-t’ao (1925-2008) was one of the most important writers in Taiwan’s modern literary history. As a writer who spanned the two generations of Japanese rule and the post-war period, Yeh Shih-t’ao overcame major language barriers writing in both Japanese and later Chinese, devoting his entire life to the art of writing. His writing career lasted for more than 60 years. He is the author of the critical literary classic A History of Taiwan Literature. In 2008, the National Museum of Taiwan Literature and the Bureau of Cultural Affairs of Kaohsiung City Government published The Collected Works of Yeh Shih-tao, which was 20 massive volumes.
     The literary works of Yeh Shih-t’ao are full of Tainan’s local essentials. The Tainan City Government takes his works as the primary goal for the promotion of Taiwan literature in translation. University of California, Santa Barbara, Professor Kuo-ch’ing Tu directed the careful selection of eight classic works to be translated and published in An Anthology of Short Stories by Yeh Shih-t’ao. Furthermore, he compiled special guides to critique the literary career and creative forte of Yeh Shih-t’ao. The work’s primary setting is in Tainan, depicting the streets and alleys of Hú-siâⁿ and the lives of ordinary people. This anthology is the work that commences the promotion of Taiwan literature in translation by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government.

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