Les Sentiers des rêves

Les Sentiers des rêves
Original work 瓦歷斯微小說
Author Walis Nokan
Translator Coraline Jortay
Publisher L'Asiathèque
Publication year 2018
   Page 161
Language French
ISBN/ISSN 978-2360571086
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     Walis Nokan (born 1961), an Atayal writer, primarily writes poems and essays focusing on indigenous issues and historical memory. In 1990, he founded Hunter Culture Magazine, a publication of Taiwan’s indigenous cultural movement and chaired the “Center for Research of Taiwan Indigenous Culture” and has long been involved in indigenous cultural work and promoting children’s reading and composition.
     Walis' Flash Fiction presents Walis Nokan’s writing style outside that of poetry and essay. This book contains 170 flash fiction pieces he has created in recent years. The work is comprised of eight themes: literature, biology, the social underworld, objects, social event registers, indigenous peoples, love, and dreams. Each chapter is a completely independent story, and stringing these eight themes together leads to an even more complete transmission of the author’s observations and reflections about Taiwan’s history, culture and society.

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