The Soul of Jade Mountain

The Soul of Jade Mountain
Original work 玉山魂
Author Husluman Vava
Translator Terence Russell
Publisher Cambria Press
Publication year 2020
   Page 415
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 978-1604979947
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     Husluman Vava (1958-2007), a Bunun himself, devoted his life to the preservation and revitalization of Bunun culture as well as transmitting Bunun ideals and values to the younger generation through his written works. He did this to strengthen the recognition and identification of the Bunun ethnicity. Thus, his writings are full of a fierce sense of mission and give most readers a familiarity with the voices of Taiwan’s indigenous people through the perspective they carry.
     The Soul of Jade Mountain is a novel about the life history of the Bunun people. Through the maturation process and life experience of young Umas, it uses unique vocabulary to depict the community, blood relationships, religious ceremonies, hunting, farming, and dependence on nature of the Bunun people. It won the 2007 Taiwan Literature Award for the best novel and its English translation is a result of the 2019 National Museum of Taiwan Literature program to “Promote Taiwan Literature to the Universities of the World” (United States). It is also the first English translation of an ethnographic novel from an indigenous Taiwan author to be published in North America.

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