Writing Taiwan: A New Literary History

Writing Taiwan: A New Literary History
Original work 文學臺灣
Author David Der-wei Wang et al.
Translator Carlos Rojas et al.
Editor 王德威、Carlos Rojas
Publisher Duke University Press
Publication year 2007
   Page 412
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 082233867-x
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Writing Taiwan: A New Literary History is the first volume in English to examine the entire span of modern Taiwan literature, from the first decades of the twentieth century to the present. In this collection, leading literary scholars based in Taiwan and the United States closely examine prominent Taiwanese authors and works in genres including poetry, travel writing, and realist, modernist, and postmodern fiction. The diversity of Taiwan literature is signaled by the range of authors treated, including Yang Chi-chang who studied in Tokyo in the early 1930s and wrote all of his poetry and fiction in Japanese; Li Yong-ping, an ethnic Chinese born in Malaysia and educated in Taiwan and the United States; and Liu Daren, who was blacklisted by Taiwan in the 1970s for his political activism. Because the island of Taiwan spent the first half of the century as a colony of Japan and the second half in an umbilical relationship to China, its literature challenges basic assumptions, for instance, on what constitutes a national literature. Several contributors directly address the methodological and epistemological issues involved in addressing Taiwan literature. Other contributors investigate the cultural and political grounds from which specific genres and literary movements emerged. Writing Taiwan: A New Literary History reveals a glimpse of Taiwan’s cultural richness and diversity to English readers.

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