Le Goût Amer de la Charité

Le Goût Amer de la Charité
Original work 慈悲的滋味
Author Huang Fan
Translator Pierre Charau, Mathilde Chou
Publisher Flammarion
Publication year 1992
   Page 155
Language French
ISBN/ISSN 2-08-066523-5
  • Abstract

Huang Hsiao-chung, known as the pen name Huang Fan, was born in 1950 and used to work in a food factory and a magazine office. Huang made his debut by winning Literature Award of China Times in 1979 when he published his novel Laisuo on China Times. Huang is influenced deeply by American writers; his works include many important styles during the 1980s, such as political novels, urban novels, post-modern novels, and science fictions. Huang’s political novels and post-modern novels draw the most attention. In 1981, Encyclopedia Britannica appraised Huang the most representative Taiwanese writer of 1980s. His novel Taste of Mercy, which had won The Literature Award of United Daily News, had been adapted for movie. The book was written by first person point of view. The narrator retells the story by his memories, and events of past and present are knitted together. Mercy of the landlady and romance of the narrator are two main plots of the book. At the same time a shabby old apartment is the backbone of the novel.

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