Original work 完全壯陽食譜
Author Jiao Tong
Translator Marie Laureillard Wendland
Publisher Tigre de Papier
Publication year 2009
   Page 104
Language French
ISBN/ISSN 978-2-917969-08-3
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Erotic Recipes is Jiao Tong’s very first poetry-recipe collection, a tumultuous erotic revolution between the palate and words, both sensuous and sexual. In his wildest imagination, Jiao Tong writes recipes into poems, turning his study into a kitchen brimming with sexual desires and erotica in that ‘all imagination is simmering inside a heated, lubricated frying pan, seething with all ingredients, all innuendoes…” Male potency enhancement is the theme, cooking methods including stir-fry, stew, alternating between prickling attacks and quiet simmering, culminating in an ingeniously created and deconstruction-critiqued delicacy. Jiao Tong was born in 1956 in Kaohsiung, his published work including poetry: Fern, Uproarious City, Insomnia Overture, Erotic Recipes; prose: My Encounter with a Caterpillar, The Final Round Dance, On the Edge of the World; fairytales: The Journey of a Crow and a Butterfly, as well as Passage to the City: Selected Poems of Jiao Tong

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