Tree Fort Over Carnation Lane

Tree Fort Over Carnation Lane
Original work 花街樹屋
Translator Darryl Sterk
Publisher Balestier Press
Publication year 2016
   Page 289
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 978-0-9932154-8-3
  • Abstract

Horace Ho was born in 1967 and graduated from the Graduate Institute of Creative Writing and English Literature at National Donghua University. He earned his Ph.D. degree in Comparative Literature from Fu Jen Catholic University and now teaches creative writing in the Department of Chinese Literature at Chinese Culture University in Taipei. His novel The Tree Fort over Carnation Lane begins with recollections of a childhood mission that the narrator and his friends undertook to rescue a chimpanzee which was trained and forced to entertain passers-by on the notorious Huaxi Street in Wanhua District in Taipei. From then on, they took a lifetime journey of escape and resistance. Similar to the chimpanzee trained to entertain people, one character who becomes a pianist later does not seem to escape his fate of being an entertainer. His suicide triggers the narrator’s search for the cause, but the latter ends up finding that their respective fate has been determined from the very beginning. The translator Darryl Sterk is an assistant professor of Translation at Lingnan University, Hong Kong, and has translated Wu Ming-Yi’s The Man with the Compound Eyes and Chang Ying-Tai’s The Bear Whispers to Me.

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