Magnolia: stories of Taiwanese women

Magnolia: stories of Taiwanese women
Original work 玉蘭花
Author Tzeng Ching-wen
Translator Jenn-Shann Lin, Lois Stanford
Editor Kuo-ch'ing Tu, Robert Backus
Publisher Taiwan Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara
Publication year 2005
   Page 275
Language English
ISBN/ISSN 0-9765936-0-2
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Magnolia 玉蘭花/1
The Huge Shadow 龐大的影子/17
Ah-ch’un’s Wife 阿春嫂/43
The Woman Taxi Driver 女司機/55
I Want to Come Back to Sing Again 我要再回來唱歌/71
My Cousin’s Wife 堂嫂/85
The Outsider 局外人/ 97
Clam Boat 蛤仔船/133
Acacia Flowers 相思子花/155
Let’s Go to New Park to Feed the Fish 來去新公園飼魚/179
Redeeming A Painting 贖畫記/207
Sounds at Night 夜的聲音/229
To Set Lives Free 放生/251

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